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Vision & Mission

Vision – To help built a more influential, equal and socially conscious society. Mission –  To bridge the societal gap by providing quality education to the under privileged. To provide a platform for socially conscious youth wanting to contribute to the nation’s inclusive progress and to mould them into tomorrow’s leaders.

  1. To turn youth into climate messengers and flight climate change through citizen level initiatives.
  2. One woman dies every minute from complications in pregnancy or children.
  3. 1 out of 3 children are laboring in India.
  4. 1/3rd of the world hungry people live in India.
  5. Low birth weight and poor growth due to malnutrition. *3 lac more girls than boys die every year.

Your contribution keep projects like these alive when u sponsor a child, you are not just a helping hand but a whole community to stand on their feet.

Focuses on providing access to essential health care including cancer. TB prevention and treatment.

Our mission is to bring colors to the life

We cannot do this without your support. Please contribute by your own wish. You can also become a volunteer contact us if you have any query.

"Your support can bring a smile to every needy child. "